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Mobile Phone Optimisation for your Auto Business

Your new website is fully optimised for mobile/cell phones, iPads and tablet computers without you even having to think about it. To fully appreciate this point, we invite you to please compare this new demo site on your computer and mobile phone.

Our latest website technology uses HTML5 to ensure your website is fully optimised for the widest range of different viewing devices, including the largest computer monitors, right down to the smallest handheld devices.

When the viewable screen area is reduced, the menu system will collapse into an expandable drop-down menu. Sometimes described as a hamburger menu or a sidebar menu, we use and industry-standard icon (a small three-lined button) to inform users there is a drop-down collection of menu items available.

The website pictures are also automatically optimised for mobile phone display. In other words, pictures which appear large on your website when viewed on a computer will automatically reduce in size and expand to fit the mobile phone display.

Perhaps most appealing, all of this technology described above works in the background, without you having to plan for it. In other words, just build your website for a laptop or computer monitor and the mobile phone display will automatically take care of itself behind the scenes.




Mobile Phone Users in Your Area

In summary, this new feature is especially handy for people who are already in your area (in your town or city) – and they want to browse the internet on their mobile phones to find a local car dealership.

For example, let's suppose a customer walks past your car showroom on the street in the afternoon, but she has no time to stop for a look. Later in the evening, perhaps relaxing at home on the sofa, the customer will try to view your website on a mobile phone. This technology will ensure your website looks great and loads quickly on a cell phone handset.

Or, it could be someone searching for a new car, sitting in a bar surfing the internet on a phone, or relaxing in a restaurant, browsing the web on a pocket computer. Again, this tool will ensure your site looks smart and is easy-to-use on the smallest handset screens.


Stay Ahead of the Local Competition

As you will know, the auto trader industry is extremely competitive. This is an opportunity to raise your game and create a new talking point about your car dealership business offering.

The internet is global, yet your new customers are right next to you in your local area.

Car Dealer Web Templates & Hosting

This is a quick and easy system to build a dealership website and upload your own car photos in minutes.

Use one of our car logos, or add your own logo. You can change the style and branding of the website to suit your needs.

You get an instant free trial and no sign-up is necessary.

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